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About Us

Over 40 Years Combined Industry Experience

We believe in sustainability and collaborate with our clients to provide eco-friendly alternatives to traditional options. We become a partner in the process by collaborating with our clients, growing with you and delivering projects with no disruptions.

Furthermore, we remain committed to providing transparent and competitive pricing in the building and construction industry. We will always put our best foot forwards if we believe we can help. We prefer to have open and honest discussions about costs with our clients, ensuring that we always working towards positive outcomes.

Follow our journey at Key Carpentry & Building as we help Australians with residential carpentry, structural carpentry tasks and even fit out some commercial carpentry projects.

Prioritise Safety

We prioritise safety in all of our projects, ensuring that our employees are licenced, insured, and properly trained.

Our construction sites are:

  • Always clean, well-managed, and secure.
  • Ensuring that NCC best practices are followed.

Our projects are completed on time, within budget, and in a safe manner, with no workplace injuries occurring on a Key Carpentry job to date.